Purity Made Simple Pore Extractor

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You all know Im all about skincare, and how to better improve it. Lately my skin had been very congested and Ive been breaking out randomly and getting blackheads. 
Theres always that frustration of whats causing it. For me its all hormonal since my skin is slowly going back to the way it use to be before baby.

 I had the opportunity to try this new product from Philosophy, its from their Purity line (which they're cleanser is always a best seller. ) This is their Purity Made Simple pore extractor. Which does just that, it extracts your pores from all the build up and gunk. Ive been using it for a few weeks now and I have seen a tremendous change.
So what is this your probably asking?
It's a mask, cleanser and exfoliator. It hardens like a mask, deep cleans your skin and helps exfoliate.
I was skeptical about using it since my skin is pretty dry on most days. But this product blew me out of the water with how soft my skin felt afterwards.

The perfect at home pore extractor. This product is available only at QVC so make sure you head on over and get it before they're all gone.


Editorial Eye Palette Intense Clays

If you all follow me on social media, you have probably already seen this gorgeous palette which I also swatched on snap chat.
So impressed with the pigments and tones. 
See full review and tutorial

This video is Sponsored by influenster. All opinions are my own. 

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Copper Half Cut Crease

Created a new look which was totally random, but I loved how it turned out. I've been loving the half cut crease. As some of you know my eye are hooded and this technique really helps widen my eyes. Its not necessarily for hooded eyes but it looks great.

Find Products Used:

Brushes Used:


Rose Gold New Years Glitter

We all love a little glitter for NYE. Heres an easy look using all rose gold tones.

All Shadows are Makeup Geek  which are super affordable.

WIG: Use Code ROCY10 for a discount.

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Tria SmoothBeauty Laser Review

If you follow me on instagram, you'll know what that I've been trying out this nifty device.
What is this you ask?
Laser treatment, that helps diminish the look of fine line and wrinkles.

Watch video to know more.

I started trying Tria Age Defying now called SmoothBeauty about 12 weeks ago and I have seen a huge change on my skin. Not only did it actually work but when I would use it my skin would look and feel plumper.


  • Actually saw a difference in the appearance of my smile lines.
  • Skin looked brighter and plumper.
  • Has great battery life.
  • Easy to use.


  • A little painful when you first start using it (if you are sensitive)
Overall I would recommend this product, I think it works. If you are starting to see those fine lines appearing I think this is for you. However those who don't I would not recommend theres no need.
I started seeing a difference around the two week mark and the way my makeup applied continued to motivate me to see the finish result and I am very happy.


Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette

Why not wear reds for the holidays.
Simple easy tutorial using one of my favorite palettes Modern Renaissance from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

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bObi Vacuum Robot

Meet my new little friend.....

Her name is bObi. And she has changed my life.
I know it seems like Im exaggerating a little but seriously she's changed my life.

This little robot vacuum saves me time and helps me keep my home clean. With two little babes it gets a little crazy around here. I have to confess that one of the things I dislike is having to vacuum and sweep constantly after all those little messes. But bObi does just that and I can get other things done around the house.

She can be controlled thru this nifty remote. Where you can schedule her to clean your home at a specific time (daily) or just press her to GO! whenever you want. She has a ton of awesome settings. 
Like a uv light which helps to kill germs on the spot ( how awesome is that). I love the fact that she cleans every spec of dust. She so small that can get under pretty much every space.
After she's done you can send her to her station to charge or once she's out of battery she'll charge herself.

She kid and pet friendly. And most important she's quiet eater.  Seriously everyone needs one in their home.

I can't say better things about bObisweep except to go get one for yourself and you'll thank me later.

Want bObsweep

Thank you bObsweep for collaborating with me 
all options are my own.

DIY Eyelash Extensions

I have a fun and easy DIY project for all my lash addicts.
If you are like me you notice that lashes or mascara finish any look/ or overall makes everything look better. Than this project is for you.

Im all about saving some $$$ and this is an easy tutorial that you can do at home.

What you'll need:
  • Lash glue ( these come in a kit, glue tends to last 2-3 weeks) sold in drugstores.
  • Lashes from kit or old pair of mink lashes
  • Tweezer ( which will come in kit)
  • A large mirror


At home Personal MicroDerm Review

As promised! Today Im going to review the Personal Microdermabrasion device. This device claims to help brighten, smooth and tone texture. All the things I look for to improve on my skin. A little background to my skin: is that its pretty much normal however I do suffer from dry patches and break out occasionally.

I made a short video on how I use the device.

What's cool about this device is that its an at home microdermabrasion; as for what it does it helps increase the blood flow and circulation in your skin by its suctioning power. And on top of that it has a small or large disc that helps to gently exfoliate the skin. The small disc is meant for the face while the large is meant for the body.  You do however have to change the disc every so often but when purchased it brings a few. They have different disc depending on your skin type, anything from very sensitive to coarse.

Overall from using this device I have seen a huge difference in my skin, mostly on my skin texture. I can tell the difference specially when I apply makeup. I would recommend this device to any who have either really dry or dry patches or those who have acne or tend to break out. This does an amazing job at clearing up your skin.

You can Find product here:

At home Face Masks

I've been more interested in my skincare. As I am getting older I want to maintain it as youthful looking as possible. I created a short video with three different DIY mask that will better your skin. These are great for all skin types even acne prone.


Glowy Skin Mask:

Exfoliating Mask:

Overnight Brightening Mask:

Later on this week I will be sharing a review of some new skincare gadgets so stay tuned for that.


Bambino Miosolo AIO Diaper Review

I collaborated with Bambino Mio in the launch of their New Prints coming out today Sept 22.

These diapers are rather unique they have won several awards, and I can see why. Bambino Mio is a UK based company,  and today I’ll be reviewing Miosolo all in one award winning "nappies".
 These diapers are priced at $21.99, which is priced similar to higher name brands. The uniqueness of this diaper is the insert. It has a flap material on the end that looks like a pocket and there are several loops throughout the length of the insert.  Which makes it so much easier to stuff and remove. You can also add a booster insert for nighttime use. This diaper quickly became a new favorite of mine, it  held up very well. The insert is thicker than some other styles but it does a great job at absorbing. I find that it takes a little longer to dry if you don't fully remove out the insert but like I said it absorbs amazingly and can be worn for long periods of time. I can even use it for nighttime and I have no leaks as longs I use the booster. This diaper has a Velcro style fasteners and the snaps which make it a one size diaper.  It fits perfectly on my 6 month old and doesn't leave any red mark around the leg. 

Overall: I can recommend this diaper due to its super absorbency, its easy to use. And the fact that it has stay dry ( so LO doesn't feel wet) is amazing for those who'd like to use it for both day to day and night time.
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