Klenspop Review: Bunny Brown Contact Lens

Hello Loves
So I recently got the chance to try out these contact lens from Klenspop. Klenspop is Korean based and they offer a variety of cosmetic and circle lens.

They came in an adorable little box with and the contacts and contact lens case as well as mini plastic twizzers. Everything was well packaged and arrived really fast considering that they are from Korea. 

I received the Bunny Brown which are circle lens and are about the same color as my natural eye.

My natural eye 

Bunny Brown lens

As you can tell they are natural looking and they enhance the eye just a tad. Perfect if you like the appearance of a larger eye. As they make you eyes look bigger.

  • the lens are super comfy you can't feel them at all, they don't blur your vision.( I can wear them for at least 7 hours)
  • the color looks really natural
  • life span of 1 year disposal
  • their cost is $15 for 1 pair, you can't beat that!

  • Nothing negative to say ( However if you don't like circle lens these contacts are not for you).

I highly recommend Klenspop they are great quality contact lenses! They are not only at an amazing price but they are super comfy and look natural. 



  1. Wow ! You are looking so beautiful in this pics, I have also use eye lense and I t shows me so lovely specially colored lense. Get the offers of geo contact lens of popular brand at reasonable price.


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