Cover Fx Custom Drop Review

Hello Lovelies, I have another review today for you all. And its been my go to foundation at the moment. I don't hear enough about it and I feel like everyone should at least go out and try it.

I have a short video on the foundation if you all would prefer to watch that:

Products Mentioned:

This foundation retails for $44 Us Dollars which is a little pricey since you do have to mix in with other products. But the concept of it is amazing.
You can mix it with pretty much anything from your serum, moisturizer ( whether its cream, gel, or oil.) you can also mix it with other foundations to get even more coverage.

I to use it with a primer, I find that I get the most wear of it that way.

* Idea behind is great, since it can be mixed with what you already own.
* Coverage is build able
* Has a variety of colors to choose from.

* Price at $44 plus what ever you mix it with

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