Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Luxury For Princess Hair Extension Review

I get asked often what hair extensions I use. So I wanted to share with you all finally which ones they are.

I have been using Luxury For Princess for quite a while now. And ever since I got them they have replace the old hair extensions I had. Layuri Hair Extensions Review ; now don't get me wrong those are good affordable extensions if your in a budget. But if your looking for good quality thick hair LFP is the way to go.

I currently own The Princess Supreme Set which are 320g 22in in length. These are by far by favorite because they are super thick and blend perfectly to my hair. I have a lot of hair not necessarily coarse I just have tons of it, and these blend beautifully.
I also owned The Princess Superior Set which was 280g 24in in length; those were when I had my beautiful lavender hair, that I miss till this day. Also super thick and beautiful but were quite long for my size.
But the Supreme Set is just perfect. They have a variety of grams to chose from so you can get what you desire.

Heres a short video review on them as well as how I clip them in.




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