Friday, July 29, 2016

Baby Wearing

Hello Lovelies. It been a while since I came on here and posted. 
If you all follow me on my social media you would know I love baby wearing, I couldn't do it to much with my first but I am making up for it with my second.
A lot of you guys have asked me how I baby wear since I mostly use wraps and I use them on the daily. So I made a tutorial to help those of you who are interested in learning. 
I show how to do a Newborn hold and a Classic hold.

Baby wearing may seem difficult but its actually super easy it take no more than a minute or two to put baby on and your handsfree to do other things. Since I do have a toddler I have to tend to him as-well and this makes it easier so both babes are happy.




  1. Truly beautiful...hope to do this one day with a child of my own.

  2. I was such a big fan of baby wearing when mine were little. I used to wear my oldest most of the day when he was tiny - it was the only thing that kept him happy.

  3. Amazing video on how to do the newborn and classic hold. This is going to be so helpful for me in the future.

  4. What wrap brands were in the video ( how do you spell them )sg


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