Monday, June 22, 2015

Solotica Color Contacts Review

Hello Loves. I recently tried out these contacts by the company Solotica and I have to say these contacts are the best Ive ever worn.
I have a short video review if you'd like to see how they look in video. But they are super realistic looking and I couldn't be happier.

I got my contacts from this site which was from Brasil but I saved about $10 USA dollars. But there are other sites you can get them from. I chose the color Quartz/Quartzo in Hidrocor.

  • They are the most realistic on my brown eyes.
  • They are extremely comfortable
  • They last a year
  • They have a variety of colors, and intensities.
  • Price.
Overall these contacts are the best by far Ive ever owned and if your in the market to get realistic looking contacts these are a definite buy. I literally want more colors. 

Newer Video
Color Ocre

Close up

New Color Amber




  1. You're gorgeous either way! Love the contacts though!

  2. whoa those are super realistic!!!!! It looks amazing on you!

    Giselle ♥

  3. They are natural looking! If I saw you on the street wearing those I would have thought that was your eye color. I wonder if they do prescription lenses as well?

    1. Thank you Shawnte. And yes they do prescription as well

  4. I tried to order from that site and the FDA blocked the shipment. You didnt have any problems like that?

  5. Me gustan mucho! Las he visto en el vĂ­deo y creo que me decanto por estas ^-^

  6. Love Solotica lenses. I have dark brown asian eyes, and they totally transform my look!! i don't think I'll go back........ I used to buy my lenses at wrlens but it took like a gazllion years to come in (well 3 months, but it sure as hell felt like gazllion) I get really impatient waiting! But for the Australians out there, now i get mine at (they are base in Australia) and I couldnt be happier!!! got my lenses the following day after my order! you're welcome !

  7. Hello, I'm from in Rome,Italy and I would like to order the lenses (hidrocor ocre with prescription-0.75)
    How can I order? What do I have to do?
    Thank you

    1. you can order them from
      Happy Holidays

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