Thursday, September 22, 2016

Bambino Miosolo AIO Diaper Review

I collaborated with Bambino Mio in the launch of their New Prints coming out today Sept 22.

These diapers are rather unique they have won several awards, and I can see why. Bambino Mio is a UK based company,  and today I’ll be reviewing Miosolo all in one award winning "nappies".
 These diapers are priced at $21.99, which is priced similar to higher name brands. The uniqueness of this diaper is the insert. It has a flap material on the end that looks like a pocket and there are several loops throughout the length of the insert.  Which makes it so much easier to stuff and remove. You can also add a booster insert for nighttime use. This diaper quickly became a new favorite of mine, it  held up very well. The insert is thicker than some other styles but it does a great job at absorbing. I find that it takes a little longer to dry if you don't fully remove out the insert but like I said it absorbs amazingly and can be worn for long periods of time. I can even use it for nighttime and I have no leaks as longs I use the booster. This diaper has a Velcro style fasteners and the snaps which make it a one size diaper.  It fits perfectly on my 6 month old and doesn't leave any red mark around the leg. 

Overall: I can recommend this diaper due to its super absorbency, its easy to use. And the fact that it has stay dry ( so LO doesn't feel wet) is amazing for those who'd like to use it for both day to day and night time.


  1. Such a cute diaper! I am not a mom but I never really thought about using a cloth diaper.

    xoxo, Jenny

  2. If I still had baby in diapers I would so get these!

    Glam Hungry Mom


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