Monday, September 10, 2018

1 Year later.. Clarins Double Serum

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A year later...  And I'm still in love with Clarins Double Serum.

You all probably remember my post from last year when I first tried Clarins Double Serum, after a year of use I can give an in-depth review of my love for this amazing serum.

So what is so amazing about this serum? This Double serum is 2 serums in one, it doubles the anti-aging effect with one part oil and one part water.  It contains 21 skin-nourishing plant extracts including turmeric, which is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Tumeric helps to enhance skin tone for a brighter and radiant complexion. They all work together to revitalize and protect the skin from the inside out.

After using it for a year I have seen a dramatic change in my skin. Not only is my skin brighter and more luminous, but it's also clearer than ever. When I'm using this serum regularly, my skin looks softer and plumper than normal, and what I enjoy the most is how even in tone it makes my skin. I notice it's less red and blotchy -- truly the skin I've always wanted! I struggle with monthly spots and this serum, in the long run, helps to keep it spot free.  This serum feeds my skin everything it is looking for, providing the perfect balance when I need it. 

There was a period when I ran out of the serum and my skin really missed it. I saw what a difference it had made that when I ran out I truly realized how amazing it really is. I can see this being a staple in my routine for many more years to come.

 xoxo ROCY

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